Now available, Rita's latest book, "Shattered," explores how unidentified or unresolved loss impacts every area of life, especially our relationship with God. The long-range impact of these losses is often obscured, buried beneath the conscious surface in an attempt to avoid pain. This book calls the reader to “notice” the losses of life. It explains how grief avoidance strategies like denial and control can keep us from fighting the battle to reclaim and reinvest our hearts after loss, and what faith-based strategies are necessary for healing.

Mental health issues and how to best deal with and overcome conditions of anxiety are an ever-growing concern in our culture today. Rita and her globally syndicated Heartline Radio program renders relevant content, and practical strategies for change teamed Biblical insights and powerfully proven solutions to equip, educate, and encourage individuals who are struggling with debilitating concerns and disorders such as stress, anxiety, anger, depression, hopelessness, and many more. Discover how you can break free of pain, frustration, confusion, and sadness in your life.

Rita challenges listeners to consider, in light of God’s word, how their thinking and behavior affects their choices and equips them with Biblical truth to view their circumstances from God’s perspective.

Rita's unique radio short, "Consider This," provides everyday examples for people to examine their life through the lens of God's truth. Straight-talk to the heart and mind. Straight-talk for you as you, "Consider This."

Moving through the Losses of Life

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Moving Through the Losses of Life is about helping Christian women and men identify both the relational and abstract losses in their lives. By abstract loss, I mean the unmet expectations, shattered dreams, loss of trust, hope, and even faith, that can result from the vicissitudes of everyday life. These losses can have serious long-range consequences on our hearts, and our relationship with God if we don’t learn to pay attention.

Whatever your struggling with, there may be a loss of some kind that you have never identified or put words to, much less grieved, that's keeping you stuck in your pain. I want to help you learn how to notice what's happening to your heart and help you find adaptive ways to process loss.

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Moving through the Losses of Life
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